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Lot 16: NuArc 26-1K Mercury Exposure System Sold by: Precise Equipment WireBids ID WB16922. 26-1KS: The 26-1KS is designed to ensure fast, consistent exposures and superior image reproduction. If you purchase the NUARC 26-1K-LC, JMI will fully test the item. The 1KS Series is NuArc’s 1000-watt metal halide exposure system. COM recently combined three existing photography forums: APUG. Information & Special Terms Important Announcements: Lots 309A, 321P, 3A have been WITHDRAWN. ORG (Digital Photography Users Group). Widely used in pre-press equipment; TCS Technologies screen exposure, graphic arts, plate making lamps are comprised of a high purity quartz vessel containing mercury with the addition of gallium iodide, iron iodide with other rare earth metal additives.

I bought a somewhat used nuarc 26-1k plate burner and want to get the manual. Plate Maker NuArc 26-1K Mercury Exposure System - Have 1 Extra New Bulb - In working condition Additional Prep Fees May Apply Shipping. No tractor trailer access. 5" x 27".

This system is easy to use and is perfect for exposing photoresist film. The 26 is for the size of the vacuum frame, 26 inches. It&39;s the same as the 26-1K except the vacuum frame is larger. The three 1KS models (26-1KS, 32-1KS, and 40-1KS) are designed to ensure fast, consistent exposures and superior image reproduction on.

Owners Manual; New Glass on Vacuum Frame; Great for exposing: Photo-Litho, KM and Solar Photopolomer Plate, ImagOn Films. Local pick up welcome, item located Houston TX 77072. This is a brand-new lamp that replaces the the nuArc GW/114 lamp, and will perform the same as the OEM lamp which costs much more. Box truck with lift gate required for pick up. I don&39;t think you will damage the bulb by trying to power up too soon, it just will not light up. NUARC 26-1K MERCURY EXPOSURE SYSTEM PLATE BURNER. You can see these numbers in our parts manuals and catalogs.

The 26-1KS PLC is a complete, easy-to-use lithographic exposure system with an energy-efficient power supply that provides more power and light than competing models with higher wattages. model 26-1K-8lc 100/120V 26-1K mercury exposure System. I had exposures as long as 40 minutes when the lamp was getting weaker. Nuarc 26-1K Mercury Exposure System. ORG (Analog Photography Users Group), Hybridphoto. NuArc 26-1K Mercury Exposure System.

1330 Main Street. Shipping Weight: 150lbs. 1000-watt instant Metal Halide UV bulb. I’m in the market for a used light exposure unit, something along the lines of the NuArc 26-1K. It isn’t quite the right part of the light spectrum, and is some distance from the frame, so exposures need to be much longer than from the UV tubes of a standard photopolymer exposure unit. Buyer is responsible for shipping. Re: Does anyone use a NuArc 26-1K Mercury Exposure System? It is a similar unit to the NuArc 26-1k, but the unit has a pull-out drawer with the vacuum frame in it with a 16x20 inch bed, and the UV light is totally encased inside.

Notice other sites using numbers such as 360990 or HE-WI0990 for a gripper bar? but the link is. Serial Number 8lC-C88-127. NuArc 26-1K Plate Burner - includes vacuum pump and stand/ Price includes shrink wrapping on a pallet. In many cases JMI will also run your product with the NUARC 26-1K-LC to minimize your set up time.

For making platinum prints, I normally use a NuArc 40-1K with a vacuum frame. Most of the used/older units on eBay seem to be mercury vapor, and I believe the nuarc 26 1k mercury exposure system manual metal halide lamps were used from the mid-1990s on. I used a NuArc 26-1K exposure unit to expose photopolymer relief plates for many years. I’m curious if anyone has any advice regarding the differences between the mercury vapor vs.

That was the numbering system created by us. I used a NuArc 26-1kmercury vapor unit for many years to expose photopolymer plates, but the main problem was not contact, but rather the light source. Auction Details ENVELOPE PRINTER - Newburgh Envelope Corp. NuArc 26-1K Mercury Exposure System m/n 26-1K-8LC, s/n 8LC-K85-194.

While trying to calibrate my exposures, I was having a hard time getting good exposures. Volts: 100/120 Amps: 11/10 Hertz: 60 Lamp: GW114 Lamp, 135v, 1000W For more information on this item - contact WireBids ator at NuArc 26-1K Mercury Exposure System –. 00 to i****t "Tax, Shipping & Handling and Internet.

Exposure Area: 23" x 27" Electrical: 120/220 volts, 50/60 Hz. Description Manufacture: NuArc Model: 26-1k. NuArc 26-1K Mercury Exposure System, Serial 3LC J87-94. The 1KS Series is NuArc’s 1000-watt metal halide exposure system. It features a shutterless, instant-start, multi-spectrum light source with vacuum frame for lithographic and other applications. NuArc 26-1K Mercury Exposure System $ 499. The instant-start power supply saves energy by eliminating warmup and idling times, and is capable of handling material up to 58 x 69 cm (23” x 27”).

It takes about two minutes for the mercury vapor bulb of the NuArc 26-1k to reach full radiation. District replaced with digital technology. 00 in: Width: 30. While our OEM parts offer the surest way to get the most out of your M&R equipment, our extensive inventory and low prices extend well beyond M&R equipment and other print-related products. 8 60 Hz Currently Not In Use Available Immediately Made In USA Located In Wallingford, CT. REPLACEMENT BULB FOR NUARC 26-1K nuarc 26 1k mercury exposure system manual PHOTOPOLYMER 1200W 135V. Used NuArc Exposure Unit: Sold NuArc Model 26-1Ks-2NT 1000 Watt, Table Top Plate Maker, Mercury Exposure System Integrated Light Source with 22" x 26" vacume. Questions and Answers There are currently no questions posted for this asset.

Whole unit 32" high. Now offer shipping! It is a NuArc 40-1KS model overhead exposure unit for screens frame exposure.

The refurbished NUARC 26-1K-LC comes with a 30 day warranty. (extended warranties are available for an additional cost). metal halide lamps? Mercury Exposure System.

Two extra bags of Kodak professional hypo clearing agent and Kodak fixer. It is not made by nuArc. NuArc Systems Flip Top Ultra-Plus Platemaker FT46V6UP For Vacuum Exposure SystemManufacturer: NuArc Systems Serial: 263B83-2 Volts: 200/240 Amps: 33. Replacement for Nuarc 40-1k Mercury Exposure Unit Light Bulb by Technical Precision. I just purchased a Nuarc N750 mercury vapor plate burner for use as a UV exposure unit for alt-photo purposes. NUARC MERCURY EXPOSURE SYSTEM NEW PICS!

This nuarc 26 1k mercury exposure system manual unit is similar in function. New Exposure Units available through Takach Press. Lot starts: Lot ends: Lot ended: Wednesday, April 9th @ 06:00 pm.

could you help us out with a brief explanation of how to create a preset? NuARc 26-1k Mercury Exposure System. NuArc Inc 26-1K-8lC Mercury Exposure System. Screen Exposure, Graphic Arts and Plate Making lamps. com And Subscribe To Our Channel To See What We Have In Inventory! Sale Date(s) 11:15 ET Lots: 42. We can put it on pallet and secure free. It&39;s now time to sell our first exposure unit.

It replaces the OEM lamp in printing and silkscreen exposure equipment manufactured by nuArc (now owned by M&R). S & H: see site. The maximum screen area for the mat to properly vaccuum around should be no larger than 26" x 34" according to our Graphics Professional. Taken out of service.

Nuarc 26-1K Reference Manual. Features: Heavy duty all steel cabinet. HSgraphics we&39;ve been using a nuarc 40-1k without a manual for a few years and haven&39;t been able to figure out how to set the presets.

We are the original parts business that started it all. Specifications Electrical Requirements: 110 V, 1 ph, 10 A, 60 Hz Shipping Weight: 185 lbs Size (H x W x D): 32” x 30” x 28” Usable Area: 23” x 27” Wattage: 1000 watts. It can work but is far from ideal, and exposures will be much longer than on a proper photopolymer relief unit. After it shuts down you will need to wait several minutes before powering it back up. SKU:Categories: Equipment, Prepress. View Item in Catalog Lot 19. Hi Everyone - We recently upgraded our exposure system to the NuArc 3140. NuArc 26-1K 8LC Mercury Exposure System Get a great deal with this online auction for a NuArc Mercury exposure system presented by Property Room on behalf of a law enforcement or public agency client.

NuArc Plate Maker Model 26-1K-8LC, in good working condition, new bulb, stop using it because upgrade to digital. Item Description: Translate description Nuarc plate burner 26-1k mercury exposure system with stand. Model: 26-1K Volts: 100/120 Amps: 11/10 Hertz: 60 Lamp: GW114 Lamp, 135v, 1000W Unit is located at Takach Press Sold as-is no warranty.

Nuarc 26 1k mercury exposure system manual

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